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✓ Most Insurance Accepted

Dr. Christopher May is a participating in-network provider for most insurance companies including Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO plans , Cigna PPO plans, Aetna, United Healthcare, Humana, MultiPlan, PHCS, Golden Rule, Beechstreet, and many others. If you are covered by insurance, you will only be responsible for your co-pay or co-insurance amount in most cases. Be aware that you may have a yearly insurance deductible that must be met before your insurance company will provide reimbursement.

If unsure about in-network coverage through your specific insurance plan, it's always a good idea to verify coverage directly with your insurance company. Even within a particular insurance company, there may be different coverages provided for various insurance offerings. An example is Cigna, which self administers most of their PPO plans, but certain HMO, network, and point-of-service Cigna plans have unfortunately been downgraded to 3rd party administration to companies such as American Specialty Health which in most cases, provide decreased provider and treatment choice. In cases in which Dr. May is not a participating provider for your particular insurance plan, the cash payment at time of service reimbursement rates will apply. For all health insurance in which Dr. May is considered an in-network participating provider, fees are determined by the insurance company reimbursement contract and vary with each insurance company. Health Savings Accounts are accepted as well which can help if you have a high deductible health plan. These Health Savings Accounts are usually set up by your employer and provide tax free money that will pay for all healthcare costs.

 * A special note about Affordable Care Act Plans ("Obamacare"):  To date, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is the primary health insurance provider for State of Tennessee plans.  Unfortunately, many of the low cost plans have very high deductibles and very little choice of provider.  For example, the new "E" Blue Cross Plan currently has only 1 in-network Chiropractor in Nashville.  This is by design and is used to market more expensive plans which provide greater choice of provider.  For patients who have these types of plans, the office "non-insurance" rates will apply, which in many cases will be the same or only slightly higher than your normal co-pay depending upon services chosen.  It should be noted that these new low cost plans are returning to an HMO managed care model in which the health insurance company contracts with a minimal number of providers in a service area who agree to receive lower reimbursement for care provided and in return are provided with a large number of patients directed to their office.  Quality of care always suffers in these type of arrangements and is the reason HMO plans fell into disfavor in the recent past.


Convenient Nashville Location

Located in South Nashville / Berry Hill
at the I-65 / I-440 interchange

Nashville Integrated Medicine Building
2933 Berry Hill Dr, Nashville, TN  37204
(615) 220-0777

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✓  You will receive treatment on your first visit.

✓  X-rays only if medically necessary to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure.

✓  You will usually be fully clothed.

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Licensure Information

Dr. Christopher May is a Chiropractic Physician licensed in the states of Tennessee & Florida.  He also maintains licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State of Tennessee.

Chiropractic License - Tennessee                      Registered Nurse License - Tennessee

Contact Information

(615) 220-0777 


2933 Berry Hill Dr, Ste A 
Nashville, TN  37204

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