I have chosen to practice Chiropractic in a much different way than you'll find at most other healthcare offices. I prefer to spend a greater amount of treatment time with each individual patient (average 40 min+) in order to minimize the number of treatment visits needed.  I feel that by providing a more comprehensive treatment, better results are attained, limiting the number of office visits needed.   Most of this extra time is spent providing treatment directly to the patient. I have chosen not to utilize non-professional office staff to provide direct patient care.  I also feel very strongly about the patient returning for care as needed.

Most patients are looking for guidance concerning when they should return for treatment, and I do provide a suggestion for care based on condition and ongoing results but I make it clear that the patient is always in control and should return only if treatment is effective and progress being made.  I feel that in order to be the most ethical health care provider possible, this is what I am comfortable with.  Ongoing care is always the patient's choice.  This is further emphasized by utilizing a patient initiated online appointment scheduling system for most visits which places more appointment scheduling control with the patient where it belongs. 

It is my intention to be a good listener in order to provide the best care possible. You do have choices in my office with available treatments to include Chiropractic joint mobilization, clothed spinal massage therapy to areas of concern, ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation, lumbar traction, and cervical traction, among others.  While manual adjusting to align and restore motion to spinal joints is a primary goal, I do believe there is more than one way to accomplish this. Some patients prefer a very gentle adjustment, some prefer a more forceful touch, and some prefer soft tissue mobilization to tendons and ligaments instead of direct joint mobilization. I do feel that all methods will work and sometimes if there is no preference, I will use all three in order to have the greatest treatment effect possible. I do encourage patient feedback so that I will know what you are most comfortable with. I feel that treatment does not have to be a "one size fits all" approach and should be tailored to each specific patient - what you are comfortable with, and what you expect from Chiropractic care.  I do use a flexion table that is used to stretch tendons and ligaments and open up and traction vertebral joints to allow proper blood and spinal fluid flow to discs and connecting soft tissue in order to enable optimum results.  Direct hands on treatment is provided for an extended period of time.