Chiropractic mobilizes joints to restore lost motion. Chiropractors are bio-mechanics, or mechanics for your body. A chiropractor can free a locked joint with an adjustment and restore more balanced motion. Pain is relieved as irritation and stress on nerves, muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues are reduced.

Adjusting a joint restores full range of motion by breaking up adhesions, stretching tight ligaments, and relieving stress on nerves, muscles, and other soft tissues. Once adjusted, a joint can move more fully and naturally. Joint stress is more evenly distributed. Tissue compression is reduced when muscles are stretched to their full length. When muscles and joints are moved fully, previously unused muscle fibers are exercised. Restoring normal joint motion and balancing posture can relieve today’s pain as well as prevent tomorrow’s arthritic breakdown.
Besides treating patients for back, neck and joint pain, many chiropractors believe improving the body’s motion relieves irritation of the nervous system. Since the body’s functions are controlled by the nerves, a well adjusted body functions better and is healthier.