In our society, conventional medicine has failed this country in the most important aspect of healthcare. We have been taught to seek medical help only when we are sick or injured. This is a catastrophic mistake that most Americans make. Only after a heart attack or some other life threatening event do we change our lifestyle and seek help.

Chiropractic care is no different. Most back and neck pain occurs years after the initial injury to the spine. A fall, a twist, an athletic injury, poor posture, work conditions, etc, all take their toll on the spine with pain only being felt after the spinal joints undergo degeneration because the original problem was never addressed. Chiropractic care frees the spinal joints from fixations and loosens scar tissue caused by all of the problems discussed above. Even seemingly insignificant injuries can cause spinal disks to be cut off from the nutrients they need causing them to degenerate rapidly. The number one reason for back surgery is a degenerating or herniated disk that most likely could have been prevented with regular chiropractic care. Don't be an unnecessary victim of back and neck pain simply because of neglect. It's much less expensive than you think and will save you money and preserve your health for the future.